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Who are the Quakers?

Welcome to our Quaker Meeting House and garden! We will be pleased to see you as a user of our hall and facilities, or visitor at our Meetings for Worship.

The word Quakers started as a nickname about 1650 and has stuck ever since. Their real name is The Religious Society of Friends, but they are quite happy to be called either Friends or Quakers.

The Religious Society of Friends is a small group (about 28,000 members and attenders in Britain, much larger numbers in the Americas and Africa) with a special view of what religion means, and of Christianity in particular.

Anybody can attend the local Quaker Meeting for Worship. After a while, if they find they share Friends' outlook, they can become a member and take a bigger part in the Society's life.

For more information, why not view our national site?  Please visit www.quaker.org.uk