Room Hire

The facilities of the Quaker Meeting House (a no-smoking building) are available as a community service to organisations and individuals for purposes compatible with Quaker principles, at modest charge. The hall is well decorated, warm and inviting. 

Our Quaker Meeting House complex comprises a main hall, the meeting room (upstairs), kitchen, small committee room, lobby, toilets (one accessible also with baby changing facilities) and a large garden.

                                  We charge per 4 hours session:

Main Hall                          £30.00 per session
Upstairs Room                  £27.00 per session
Main Hall and Garden      £60.00 per session
Small Room                      £15.00 per session

Our building is popular and well-used. If you wish to make a booking, please do so well in advance!

Please read our Letting Policy

Preferably email your request to

Otherwise,  phone  07904643350.

If you leave a message please say where we can contact you, in both daytime and evenings/weekends.